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These cyclone separators are  designed for the small commercial shop or the home woodworking hobbyist. The cyclone  is designed to go between a woodworking piece of machinery, like a jointer or planer, and a dust collector

Unlike many other units on the market this cyclone doesn't incorporate its own fan motor. The reason for this is that so many folks already have a dust collector that it is only logical to use the dust collector fan they have. A person may, however, use their inqinuity and use their dust collector fan in a home built tower design,

I have also incorporated into these units inlet and outlet sizes which are compatible with existing small and medium size dust collectors. Most dust collectors in the 650 CFM range have one inlet of 4 inches. Larger units of 1200 CFM have two inlets or 4 inches, or by taking off the Y adapter one inlet of 6 inches. Since Many machines have an outlet size of 4 inches it makes it very easy to run a hose directly from the dust collector to the cyclone.

In cases where machine pipe diameters, dust collector pipe diameters or cyclone pipe dimensions vary it is very easy to use standard sheet metal reducers to make the transition from one size to the other.